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Kira Kitsune

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Kira is a 9 tailed kitsune and Demon/Devil hybrid as well as former ruler of Makai

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A former demon lord who took the lives of his own parents during an agreement gone awry between him and his father regarding the endless war between their people and the higher deities. Years of regret built up over time that he couldn't take it, so he searched for ways to undo what he did. It was years of searching that he eventually found the Key of Time. Upon learning of its existence and where it was located, he waged war against the higher deities for the key. Years of countless fights ensued before the key ultimately vanished into thin air. With rage at the disappearance, I disappeared from the world for centuries, only to reappear in the human world much later with a new look on life, thanks to two friends I made months after running to the human world.

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