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Greeneyedfurse is a Male Virtual Streamer and YouTuber. He has been streaming since March 2022. He is known for his singing and crazy personality. Playing game such as Star Trek Online, or Elder Scrolls to even running a D&D Campaign!

Lately he's been tossing the idea around of talking on the metaphysical phenomena that he's either participated in or worked around when not gaming!

When on-air you might hear him go - Umm... O? NOT ANOTHER DOLLAR!.. - Oh, do ask WitchyChik why the dollars! What is she saving up for?

Come watch the trio, or more groups that stream along with him!

His birthday is 30 December. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

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Greeneyedfurse, was and is an alien who was abducted and forced into streaming in his only release out from the confines of the men in black! Oh, their out there! Watching.. observing and occasionally causing all sorts of havoc to this streamer! Come watch as he works his magic with such titles as Star Trek Online, Elder Scrolls, and when he is allowed to even DM for Dungeons And Dragons!

Lately, there is talk he will be speaking on everything metaphysical? now that should be interesting!

Oh, and did I tell you that he loves to draw?

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