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Greeneyedfurse is a Male Virtual Streamer and YouTuber. He has been streaming since March 2022. He is known for his singing and crazy personality. He also performs and talks about metaphysical phenomena when not gaming!

Known for his deep voice. Greeneyedfurse is generally very friendly.

When on-air you might hear him go - Umm... O? NOT ANOTHER DOLLAR!.. - Oh, do ask WitchyChik why the dollars! What is she saving up for?

He streams with his trio of kittens. When sitting down and chatting about the metaphysical in an open and welcoming way, answering a lot of questions.

His birthday is 30 December. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

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Greeneyedfurse was once one of those furry people, there are people out there that say he originally was found in the pawpet channel way back when IRC was a thing!

(( Hands to face ))

Now, he is exploring the world of Streaming and Vtubing, under the guise of the Men in Black.. do not tell them I told you I am here!!!

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