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Faye-Lin is an 18+ Vtuber, streamer, and cosplayer. She's a variety streamer that mainly streams horror games such as Dead by Daylight, Phasmaphobia, and the Resident Evil series. Her favorite game to stream is the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Her primary language is English. However, she is able to communicate in Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin. Her content has a mature rating due to sexual themes and humor with an additional background in voicing NSFW animations.

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Born in the early 1900's as Junko, in the picturesque city of Yoshiwara, Japan, Junko was on the fast track to becoming an oiran, otherwise known as a high-ranking courtesan. However, her extensive training would be for naught after one chance meeting would forever change her life.

In her early twenties, an ambitious and upbeat Junko met a young business man with a strong work ethic, a great sense of humor, and an undoubtedly gorgeous singing voice.

The two would spend countless hours together, and he would even give Junko singing lessons from time to time. They seemed to be hitting it off, and Faye couldn't help but dream of the future possibilities. But dreams are just that, and it wasn't long until they were crushed.

One evening, Junko found herself no longer able to repress her feelings, so she had prepared a heartfelt song for the man. The lyrics would be her way to finally admit her love. Despite her heart beating out of her chest, she was determined; however, when she made it to his home, she discovered the man had found himself a partner. It was clear the two were deeply in love, much to Junko's dismay.

Heartbroken, Junko spent the night drinking, and eventually threw herself into the ocean. While intoxicated, death seemed to be the only way to end her suffering.

When all went black, she had assumed it was finally over. But then, from the deepest depths came an alluring woman reaching out to her, and upon grasping her forearm, Faye was enveloped in a magical aura.

Awakening to find herself on the beach, the mysterious woman, who surprisingly had a fish-like tail, asked Junko a question: "Do you want to live the rest of your life in despair, or do you want to come with me?" Without a second thought, Junko chose the latter and was promptly whisked away into the ocean.

In the present day, now reborn as Faye Lin now calls the ocean her home as one of few mermaids. Although she spends most of her time in the water, Faye is able to replace her tail with a pair of human legs and walk among her former kind. Given she had a century to learn, she has become a fantastic singer, and people across the globe know her as an idol.

Fellow mermaids worry Faye still has her former crush on her mind, given that she longs to sing. Regardless, they refuse to bring it up so long as she continues to smile.

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