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Eclipse or "Kat" is a Catgirl VTuber who enjoys playing games, particularly in the FPS and RPG genres. She occasionally dips into the horror genre, though she admits to being easily scared, a "Scaredy Kat." She engages with her community through text, using expressive facial expressions and body movements to convey her personality.

As an independent and casual VTuber, Eclipse maintains a carefree and cheerful demeanor. She rarely takes herself seriously and is almost always seen with a smile. While she incorporates some cat aspects into her character, her defining feature is her unbridled love for chocolate milk.

Her primary goal as a VTuber is to make friends through streaming and provide entertainment to her audience.

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Eclipse, affectionately known as "Kat," lost her voice after an unfortunate encounter with poisoned chocolate milk. Despite this unexpected twist of fate, she remains an unwavering enthusiast of the delightful beverage!

Funny enough, the same tainted drink that stole her voice also bestowed upon her a charming, catlike appearance, complete with expressive feline features!

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