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Arteno Enjo



Enjo is a "Thought Experiment Demon" who streams her consciousness as a Virtual YouTuber. The human form "with white hair and iridescent stars on it" is more of a vessel for some being from a different dimension ...

She mainly focuses on Art Streams and ramblingly Chatting all the time, while trying to learn new Topics which are usually "Educative yet Entertaining". Cordial yet jovial when meeting her at first glance, as if trying to get close with you (and analyse your persona ...)

Lore Edit

Kynrico, also known as "Arteno Enjo" ?? (アルテの緣助)

Born with a human form in a family who descended from of a species of accused “demons”.

After some misshapes and events, she disintegrated into a blob … until it met new people. With loving care, little by little, it decided to evolve into a new form … with the resolve to reach the status of a “tutelar deity” ...

Done out of the desire to not let waste the experiences learnt from the time spent as a blob and in the memory of the people who she held onto all this time.

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