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Zohana is a English VTuber who died and has been resurrected to entertain through her streams and bubbly personality. She streams on Twitch regularly.

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Zohana is a zombie/undead humanoid born in the 1970s who met an unfortunate end at age 18. She grew up enjoying the earliest eras of video games. Now, she is back to life these days, riddled with amnesia of her past life, the only rekindling of her memories comes through playing the retro games of her past, though also fascinated with modern era games with their stunning visuals and gameplay and how the industry has upgraded itself tenfold while she was absent.

She has a bubbly but also sarcastic personality. Zohana claims to have heterochromia but her right eye has been known to fall out on occasion, and it seems like there is more to the little skull-shaped hairpin she wears than she lets on...

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