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ZetaSapphire is a VStreaming couple who puts out alot of single player game content which covers Horror, RPG, Adventure, & Indie Games. Zeta tends to stream late at night due to their spouse working night shift. While Zeta Streams during the week, Their spouse Sapphire also streams on the account on Sunday to help give Zeta a break.

Female Model is Arietta and Male Model is Asher, Inspiration was from Zeta Gundam, Gundam Build Divers, Code Geass

Lore Edit

Arietta & Asher are a unique EL-Diver that can change forms freely, EL-Divers are a Artifical AI that are born from the Gunpla Battle Network MMO, EL-Divers are bound to the digital plane of GBN but due to recent breakthroughs in AI Transferrence Technology they can now be placed into Gunpla Models (Gundam Plastic Model Kits) or Android Bodys to move into the real world and interact with human beings.

A unique part of Arietta & Ashers existance is that they're currently working for the Goverment, due to their special ability to freely swap forms they're requested for assassination missions or spying missions, due to this they're able to live a pretty free life able to do pretty much whatever they want without many limits.

They have a total of 4 bodys -Haro body for when repairs are being made to their android body/digital body -Digital form for GBN & other digital planes -Master Grade gunpla body -Android body for IRL missions

In their down time they either hone their skills in GBN, stream games online, or plays with friends.

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