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Zane is a quiet VTuber who does gacha games, relaxing games, and literature/reading content. She aims to create a comfortable environment for people after a long day, to hang out and chat with her.

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Zane lives with her twin brother who goes by the same name. Due to work, he left for overseas and Zane had to live alone. She works at a university as a literature lecturer. Possessing a literature degree, a Master's and license to psychology and counselling, she oddly chose to accept the job as a literature teacher.

Her twin insists on sending some money to pay for the electricity and water bills but Zane insists the rest of her expenses should be managed by herself. As her literature classes are few and in-between, she accepted some personal tutorial classes.

Though compared to her sweet tooth, it wasn't quite enough. So at 17, she found an advertisement at a bar, hiring a bartender, no experience required. With a fake ID in hand, she stepped into the bar called Black Iris and applied for the job. The owner, Blake, looked at the ID, but hired her anyways. With these three jobs at her belt, she lived a busy but comfortable life.

...Well. Until she learned the secrets of the bar she worked at.

That was 5 years ago.

She now ventures to try something else - streaming.

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