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Yuri Marjoram is a female vTuber who streams on Twitch in English, but she also speaks Spanish. She is affiliated with vTuber group NIJI☆CHU, but otherwise remains independent. Her birthday is on August 13th.

Yuri loves plants and maintains a multi-level plant rack in her IRL room of which she occasionally posts pictures and stories of. She also diffuses essential oils for aromatherapy, and sometimes jokes about becoming the first vTuber ever to be sponsored by a (non-MLM) essential oil company in the future. She works a full-time job as a graphic designer outside of her streaming activities.

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Yuri is a self-taught herbalist and alchemist who runs a potion shop out of her cabin, deep in a magical forest. She has few customers because of her remote location and lack of credentials or highborn pedigree, which means she has to be stingy with her money and forage for alchemy ingredients herself. This has made Yuri quite physically capable and an adventurer in her own right. In order to persuade potential customers that she is at least highborn, Yuri pretends to act like a haughty noble lady. Unfortunately, she is pretty terrible at it, being very much a tomboy who likes to get her hands dirty.

Yuri is utterly lacking in magical ability, which means she has to get creative with ingredients in order to achieve magical results. This has led to some very interesting potions...and a lot of explosions.

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