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Yuhki Ringo

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Yuhki is a golden retriever VTuber who makes content in English. She streams a wide variety of games from RPGs, horror, survival, puzzle, rhythm and more. This doggo girl is a comfy streamer with a pleasant voice who just wants to vibe and entertain.

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A dog girl with an outwardly admirable lifestyle, sometimes mistaken for a sword saint who once wielded a blade of snow lilies. Yuhki Ringo inherited the Apple Inn from her great grandmother. She's been working to modernize it as best she can.

Yuhki is somewhat clumsy, but she's supported by the spirits who live in the Apple Inn. These tsukumogami respond to her will, even when she doesn't realize it, seeming to make miracles of convenience happen around her.

She's always lived the NEET gamer lifestyle before taking over as owner, and so she adopted streaming games as a way of garnering attention for the inn. Yuhki has a dream of performing on stage, and she acknowledges the hard work to get there.

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