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Yslith one of the biggest nerds around, in more ways than one. Debatably "The Swolest Vtuber," Yslith is ultimately just a dork who wants to share her passion for video games and the elements that she loves with everyone! Streaming from her Garage and inviting whoever wants to hangout to join her! - Whilst many are afraid of her herculean stature, Ys is ultimately a big softie and truly wishes to see everyone succeed!

Ys is a variety streamer, playing a variety of games. Usually cycling between one primary long game and a variety of other games, most often roguelikes! She loves making new friends and is always glad to see new people joining her posse, the Swole Patrol!

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Yslith, like any other goth/punk girl had difficulty fitting in most people, though she ultimately didn't mind. She carved her own path, and set out doing what she wanted! Realizing she was getting a bit chunky in her mid 20's, Yslith decided that she loved to eat so much that the only way to keep up her caloric intake was to start working out! So Ys did just that. Working out every day, and even increasing her meal sizes, Yslith found that she had a natural aptitude for building muscle!

Despite it all, Yslith was ultimately a gamer at heart. So, deciding that she wished she had more people to hangout with - Yslith opens her garage door at the same time everyday, and starts playing video games, openly inviting whoever passed by to come hangout and enjoy some games with her!

Though, rumor has it that she tends to demand a pretty heavy snack tax..

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