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Yataki is a Virtual Streamer who makes content in English.

He is an upbeat, blonde and blue haired cat boy. Yataki sports a green, and pink hooded poncho with cat ears attached to the hood to house his physical ears. He has a fluffy blonde tail with a bandage on the end of the tail. He wears a dark blue under shirt witch matching pants that have multiple zippers on the upper portion of his pants. Yataki is part of Team Hope, a stream team on Twitch that spreads positivity to everyone they can.

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Yataki is a shop keepers assistant, and his biggest dream is to become a travelling merchant to roam the world! Yataki wanted to escape the town he lived in because Being half cat, half man, was frowned upon due to the rarity of the physical deformation. Luckily he found a man who took him in as his own and gave him a job as his assistant at the local General store. Now he works the shop, looking for opportunities to start up his travelling market.

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