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YanchaGogo is a female Virtual YouTuber who streams in English and sometimes in Tagalog. She likes to play horror games. Her birthday is November 01.

Lore Edit

YanchaGogo, or Yancha for short, is a half-manananggal and half-demon (of some sort) but has no recollections of who her parents are. Yancha is born and raised in Earthrealm and where she has lived her whole life. She received a letter with its source coming from the 55th circle of hell, addressed to Yancha, as the heir to the throne of the that circle of hell. She doesn't want to claim the throne because she refuses to have more responsibilities, and she knows nothing about ruling over a domain. Yancha just wants to chill and play video games until her call to action to after receiving a letter slipped under her door reading that due to an absence in the throne, they're hosting a tournament of power to decide who rules the 55th circle, so she decides to enter to prove whether or not she has what it takes to rule and have true power. If she can rule in the ring, I can rule a circle. Maybe she will fulfill her destiny one day, but for now. She likes to "cosplay" as a KoGal (コギャル, kogyaru) for fun.

The GoGo part comes from the 55th circle of hell. (Go Go), the namesake of the ruling family.

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