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Luna is a nonbinary (they/them), virtual stream. They tend to randomly sing on stream, and is a long time artists. Their streams often switches between Spanish/English. games with friends, and does solos. Be cautious of your ears, they tend to be a screamer.

Quotes:: "Woosa, woosa, mufasaaa."

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A 4,000 year old Kitsune, with special abilities, and tends to glow. This special Kitsune escaped from their duties to be free from the shrine and be free to explore; to venture out in the world and getting to experience many things. They escaped their world, and entered Earth.

Present day, Luna is just having fun, being silly. You'll notice how they, change colors. this is indeed a special attribute of Lunas'; which correlates to their moods and what the power does. Their fur contains magical properties, dangerous to some, and has dire unpredictable effects.

Wary of those wanting to touch their fur, Luna has a magical indestructible bottomless satchel: where they keep their beloved items. Only Luna has the ability to open it, and one of these items? Are special gloves, that fit anyone so they can safely touch Lunas' fur, if Luna allows it, that is. This kitsune switches between many forms.

Luna heard about this weird world called twitch, where people can connect and interact safely; whilst gaming, chatting, or doing art. Hoping to learn more about humans, they joined the fascinating streamer world, where they can interact safely and worry not about someone touching their fur by accident. You can catch them having fun gaming and making amazing friends, while Luna learns more and more about this world.

{Redebut coming soon}

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