Xochimi Of The Lake

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Xochimi is a Magical Axolotl Vtuber waiting for his great purpose. And while waiting for his purpose, comes to bring Entertainment and Content to viewers alike the best as they can by playing games, having fun, and whatever else he can to bring joy to someone!

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A long time ago a he was a normal axolotl. But one day during he was taken from his original lake and put into a new lake. With a secret building underneath. Finding himself changed into a human! With a cloaked being infront of him said one thing "Your name is Xochimi, You were created for a purpose" and before He could ask any more questions about what his purpose is or where he is" They disappeared. Years waiting. Learning magic, learning more about humans. Few Years passed and suddenly a computer appears! Now learning more and more! Decides He wants to be like the humans on the surface and give entertainment while he waits patiently for his purpose!

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