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WhoovesPlay (Inari Whooves)

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Inari Whooves is a Vtuber/Vstreamer who likes to talk a lot, play different games and draw, he is usually very calm in his streams, which many of his community usually relax while talking about different things.

Spanish Translate:

Inari Whooves es un Vtuber/Vstreamer que le gusta mucho platicar, jugar diferentes juegos y dibujar, usualmente suele ser muy tranquilo en sus streams, la cual mucha de su comunidad suele relajarse mientras habla de diferentes cosas.

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Inari is the son of 2 types of spirits, his mother a Kitsune and his father a Huli Jing, being a hybrid between these two, he cannot win tails every time the years go by. Inari has always been curious by nature, always adopting human form to go unnoticed with humans, always seeking knowledge and to help himself he uses a broken mask which is the source for his transformations. Currently Inari, because of his curiosity, ended up trapped in a rabbit hole with no exit due to how extensive it is and the lack of entertainment, he has decided to stream and everyone who follows him ends up just as lost as he is.


Inari es hijo de 2 tipos de espíritus, su madre una Kitsune y su padre un Huli Jing, al ser un hibrido entre estos dos, no puede ganar colas cada vez que pasan los años. Inari siempre ha sido curioso por naturaleza, adoptando siempre forma humana para pasar desapercibido con los humanos, siempre busca conocimiento y para ayudarse usa una mascara rota la cual es la fuente para sus transformaciones. En la actualidad Inari por culpa de su curiosidad termino atrapado en una madriguera sin salida debido a lo extenso que es y la falta de entretenimiento ha decidido hacer stream y todo el que lo sigue termina igual de perdido que el.

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