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Weebu is an indie android English Virtual Streamer. Her current residence is on Twitch. She specializes in variety streaming but loves to play older games and platformers, especially side-scrollers. Weebu wishes to expand her content into speedrunning as well as possibly playing more tabletop games, including Collectible Card Games. Weebu also makes music on the side, and works on youtube videos from time to time.

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W.E.E.B.U. was created by the scientist simply know as "The Grand Designer" to study society and learn as much as possible by keeping up with various trends. After discovering the trend of Vtubing, W.E.E.B.U created her account and began to stream videogames to the website Twitch. However, she enjoyed herself so much that she decided to make it a permanent change. She now lives blissfully in cyberspace, streaming whenever possible. However, The Grand Designer plans to put a stop to this soon....

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