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Vividly Sapphire

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Vividly Sapphire is a VTuber who makes content in English.

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During the Lunar Eclipse, The Vividly goes with their elaborate plan to trap Sapphire within a human. As the Sun Manipulator was very weakened on this day it would’ve been a perfect time. But something goes wrong as Sapphire didn’t have the power to stop herself from being trapped and was able to trap Lunar Manipulator with her stopping them from freely causing evil. Vividly and Sapphire spend the rest of their lives within the human body Trapt in Constantly fighting for dominance. Sapphire constantly stayed in tried to stay in control so that Vividly wouldn't cause evil and which it causes it had caused all the human that they had entered their Spirit has entered to develop animal-like features as they are animal spirits themselves a fox and a wolf so the human now has fox ears and a fox tail and has Fox like Behavior so at times. As well as the fighting with themselves they have guided and taken care of the girl and are very attached to her so even though there are many enemies they also care for the human as their own and sometimes also fight for dominance to be more connected to her. But as Sapphire knows Vividly’s true intentions Sapphire doesn't want to give everyone the control or doesn't want to trust Vividly and not to let Vividly out or to let vividly be able to have that many interactions with the human.

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