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Violet is a young elf who makes gameplay content with a variety of weird titles, she doesn't stick with just one game, she changes, from horror to adventure, she have also made content for VrChat

She REDEBUT with a new avatar on the 17th of February 2021

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An elf who lived in a world different than earth, Violet was born and raised in the woodsland, a small town protected by elven magic, but one day it was attacked by demons, that was the day she swore revenge against those demons, and after years of training she killed the demon lord, and to avoid demons would attack another world, she became a demon lord herself, obtaining the power of shapeshifting and traveling through the world!! And now she came to earth as a vacation! and decided to become a streamer, the time between her world and earth has a huge difference, every year on earth equal to 1 week in her world, thus meaning her vacation can last very long!!

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