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She is well known on Twitter for snatching thighs and gremlin screaming. Swears she is "seiso" when she isn't, and does a lot of screaming on stream. Known for being a pink fluffy bean with a bit of yandere/tsundere side, and hides behind the illusion when in fact she's a dommy mommy. Currently a founder of the first all demon VTuber group, @H3llLive, and a member of the group @ENVirtualZone

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Rheya was once an elven queen, known for her kindness and warmth. Her home was under the constant threat of other-wordly enemies, and so she wished for the power to protect her people. A demon under the name of Stellaris came to her, offering her power in exchange for a body to live in. The queen accepted and was cursed with the power to rewind time to her will, at the cost of losing bits of her sanity whenever she used the power.

The enemies only grew stronger and the queen desperately tried to rewind to save her people, but all attempts were unsuccessful. She turned insane and into a demon, causing the people to fear her. They warned others to not go out at night, and if you heard the bells on her hair jingling at night, that "death was coming their way." The people were unaware of the sacrifices the queen had made for them, and deemed her dangerous. As a result they eliminated her, sealing their fates.

The queen however got another chance at life and was reincarnated into a demonic goddess, with a hint of dragon. She found herself in another dimension, scared and confused. In hopes of getting back home, she tried to rewind time and was unsuccessful once more. Turning insane again, she lashed out at the people of this dimension, harming many. Scared of what she'd become, she fled to a cave. In the cave she found a small metal door in the side and decided to investigate. Upon entering she found a long old abandoned house, books strewn all over the floor.

Upon closer inspection she discovered they were books of Magick, and so the queen started to read them in hopes of finding a way home. The queen soon learned Ice Magicks, and was able to summon a small hourglass that could show her the state of her home. Soon the hourglass began to crack, and the queen began to panic. Meanwhile, the people of this dimension had heard rumours of a monster living in the caverns, and they set off to resolve the problem. Upon arriving at the cave, the queen barricaded them out using her Magicks, having been able to make a scythe to wield the Magick, made from the energy of Stellaris.

The hourglass continued to crack, and desperate the queen froze herself with it, in a lotus made of ice. Hundreds of years passed and the people forgot about the queen in the cave, assuming she had perished. One day however, a small child made their way into the cave, and discovered the frozen queen. The child was an orphan and decided to stay in the queen's lair. Over time she read through the queen's journals, and constantly sat by the lotus, telling the queen stories.

However one day a villager nearby noticed the child around the area and decided to investigate, quickly finding the rumoured monster to be still alive, yet frozen. The people organized a party to get rid of the queen once and for all, and the child quickly discovered their plans. On the day of the attack, the child attempted to stop the onslaught of people, and was hurt in the process. This awakened the queen and a snowstorm began in the lair, shoving the enemies out and putting up another barricade.

The queen quickly rushed to the child's side, but the damage was too severe. The child was happy to finally have met the queen, and introduced themselves. She gently whispered that her name was Elileo as she grew weaker, and the queen was frantic on ideas of how to save the child. However the child had one wish, to stay by the queen's side forever and help keep her safe. At this moment Stellaris stepped forward, presenting an idea that would allow the child's wish to be granted. The queen would have to merge a part of her soul with the child's, and a vessel would have to be made to contain Elileo. However, as a result the queen would run out of sanity much quicker, but without hesitation the queen agreed.

Elileo soon passed and Stellaris got to work making a small heart shaped vessel. The queen waited for a few hours before Elileo awoke, and she calmly explained the situation. The two began to chat and Elileo had asked the queen on why she was so desperate to return home, and so the queen told the child her story. After a few moments the child suggested she look for answers on the Internet, but the queen had been in a slumber for so long that she wasn't aware of the current technology. The two decided to get on the Internet and quickly discovered VTubing, and thought it'd be an excellent idea. During this time, they also learned that to restore sanity, the queen can steal a small portion of people's souls, but it'd have to be done through an illusion to keep the other party safe. And so she took on the appearance of a pink haired goddess, VTubing to find answers on the way home while maintaining her sanity.

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