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Vew is a blue/purple haired cat that plays a variety of games.

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Once upon a time in the year 2122 there lived a cat that was very interested in roaming around the world. He loved the lights and was amazed by all the things around him especially the color purple. One night there was a bright shining light, just as he imagined - the perfect purple color - and he followed it. At one point, after breaking everything in his way and dodging every obstacle trying to find it the light suddenly stopped and right before he could stop he went into it. What happened afterwards is somewhat confusing and hard to understand, but his paws and hind legs turned into human hands and feet respectively, his mouth transformed into a human mouth too! Soon after he passed out from the shock of all this happening to him.. That chase that he had out of all that curiosity has turned him into a human, but where was he.. He didn't know. In the distance he could see what looked like a settlement and headed there. Turns out it wasn't the year 2122 here, it was in fact 2020 and at the end of it too! Saddened by the news, but happy about this opportunity he took life into his hands and found another aspiration - playing games from this time period. It gave him that satisfaction of curiosity and jumping around obstacles just as he remembered like when he was a cat. And in the end, he decided to share it with the world.

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