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VenusVariation is a wise, caring, and helpful EN vtuber advice Senpai who is very committed to helping others through their problems or issues. She streams and has YouTube content on many a variety of subjects; but one thing that always stands out is her timeless wisdom, her willingness to try to help and her compassion!

Lore Edit

Here on earth to empower, help and beautify others using experience, strength, truth and hope. Content: Varied | Age: Eternal | |#ENvtuber |

Believed by many to be “sent from heaven” to make sure the souls who think they are doom fated have a chance at salvation. She was once a music idol possessing a sinful soul & who changed her evil & murderous ways. She somehow got in the good graces of the god of the universe through acceptance of a sacrifice, constant communication and kind actions to others and was then sent to earth temporarily with the purpose of using her life experiences to teach interested others of the things she learned in past life/lives.

Her job is now to teach/build people up in a variety of ways, help them in coming to an understanding of what lead them to chains/purgatory and to help them get to heaven if they choose or accept they want to go to hell, if they choose. She helps them through their many life trials with wisdom and care if they want to change, and she helps to help answer any questions they may have about heaven and the offer of salvation.

To do this, Venus was granted temporary talents from past lives; in many varied physical forms, using her voice, hands, experiences and a eternal concentrated mind to songwrite, speak and express to others. She travels through time/space with her message & plays games, affectionately entertaining the still blind with her creativity in video editing, writing music, digital arts, singing, acting, making vtuber assets and more to express herself and to teach. Due to this ever-changing variety, Variation is now in her name. She is assisted and protected by SycoKensho and Raioken, celestial beings of light & a special few called Variants.

Having been many things; a world traveler, recording artist, a homeless person, a model, a disabled person, commercial composer, actress, military child, salesperson, a queen, a addict, writer, elf, a CEO and more! The Venus Variation has currently decided to be a vtuber for relating to others, for simplifying teaching these eternal concepts, and using her gentle faces for softening her sometimes hard truths that can lead others to self reflection.

She hopes to help people in their relationships, sufferers of abuse, offer breakup advice, share workouts and food recipes for the sick & disabled, give money/coaching others in reaching their goals; sharing tips and also to creatively collab with like-minded others. She always loves meeting and helping people!

Her phrases: “True beauty comes from the inside, and that’s The Venus Variation” Her Oshi mark: Microphone with Colorful Wings

Streamed Games: Valheim, IMVU, Sea of Thieves, The Bonfire 2, Back4Blood, Sims4, Star Citizen, Minecraft, Cities, most sandbox games, Little Nightmares II, 7D2D, and more! Stream Goals: mornings and evenings

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