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Ven Castle

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Ven is a necromancer trying to make his way through life. He has recently taken up streaming on twitch, where he plays various games in hopes that he can grow a community to allow him to change the stigma around those who practice the darker magical disciplines. He loves Pokémon, anime, and manga a whole lot and loves to have conversations about current releases or upcoming releases. Come stop by his channel or any of the platforms he's on and we can talk about whatever <3

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At the young age of 6, Ven’s parents passed away, leaving him their estate, but his relatives abandoned him there. While on the brink of death, he became attuned to the other side and developed the power to interact with shades. His parents couldn't pass on because Ven was vulnerable and they feared for their only child’s life. So they helped teach him everything they could to keep him alive. It was going well until other shades took notice of him as well. Desperate for closure, he got bombarded by the lingering will of the deceased. Scared and trembling, he accidentally fails at the shades who were rushing then, ripping the essence from their soul and takes it for his own. The other shades scatter, but the sensation resonates within him and he invokes that feeling, drawing in the rest of the ghosts, taking all that they were within himself. Doing so, he gains all of their memories, knowledge, and the residual power still clinging to the shades, becoming a fully realized necromancer, while also splintering his psyche from the overwhelming influx of conflicting wills.

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