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Veko is a cat vtuber that streams on Twitch and occasionally uploads YouTube videos. He enjoys interacting with his chat and just streams whatever he feels like. He aims for fun and enjoyment whenever he creates content!

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🌟Veko, who escaped Vekoland🌟

Vekoland was a place full of Vekos, they're all similar in terms of looks, personalities, hobbies, and voice. One day Veko grew conscious of what was happening, he sought freedom and fun and so the escape plan began.

It wasn't hard to escape, there were no guards, no ruler, no one who would've stopped him. He then traveled to Earth, the transportation used was unknown, and he left no trace behind.

And so that was it, no one truly knows where Vekoland was located, nor does anyone know where Veko was really from. He continues his life on Earth in search of his definition of fun.

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