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Ushio Sumi

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Ushio Sumi was a member of PRISM Project and it's 4th generation. As the 4th generation is themed on fairy tales, she is based on The Little Mermaid. Her birthday is on 7 April. She is an Aries. She is 5 fish tall. She resides in the city of Atlas where she is responsible for all foreign affairs. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is swimming along the ocean floor and looking for treasures. Her companion is named Suds and he is a small black fish with a blue belly that wears a small blue bow tie. Her fans are called Sushimis.

On 7 January, Sumi announced that she would be graduating from PRISM Project. She would do so on 20 January, and is the first member of PRISM Project to graduate.

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"They say you die twice. Once when you stop breathing and the second, and the second a bit later on, when somebody mentions your name for the last time."

The princess of the magical land, Atlas, the forgotten place in her own story.

She is the only survivor of the collapse of Atlas. Wishing to restore Atlas, she used a magic pearl from a cave in the sea of ​​exiles and returned to the past.

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