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Untapped Kaiser is a virtual youtuber/streamer who creates content in English. Kaiser is a silver fox who plays games, memes, and likes talking to his audience. He is known to play mmos, nintendo switch games, horror, and rhythm games. His followers have been known to use their channel points to hydrate him, to the point where it has become a meme. He updated the points to 500 to keep it from happening so often. He has a genderbent avatar nicknamed Kaiserina that serves no other purpose than to confuse people.

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A gentle and playful fox, he watched as people served offerings to the gods, performing rituals and having festivals in honor of these gods. One day, the fox god spoke to him "Lonely fox, why dont you participate in the festivities?" The silver fox replies "I do not know how. They serve others as they serve you and yet their lives do not improve. How can I make their lives better?" The god was speechless then replies "Let me send you to another world, where diversity strives and people help each other be happy. It's a world that needs constant attention, but not from one single person or god. Here, take my magic and help those who need it. Go, and help this world grow." Being sent to another world, the fox studied the culture, learning that in order to truly know the people, he should become one himself. Then he discovered cosplay cafes, the pentacle of both servitude and graditude. So, with his magic, he creates a cosplay cafe, naming it a place for all to rest, Kaiser's Kafe.

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