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Txmtrinity ALTERA

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Txmtrinity ALTERA (formerly known as Txmtrinity) is a PH Half Yokai VTuber that streams on his YouTube channel. He creates Rhythm Gaming, Highlights, Art, and Independent project content such as his newly created monthly podcast "Yokai Talk". His character is a Half Yokai Shota and he expresses that really well in his character.

As for his model. His overall design is heavily inspired by the Touhou Project with some elements of Kosaga Tatara with his dual colored eyes and his "Lunatic form" inspired by Yukari Yakumo and Aya shameimaru. His avatar was created in an app called "Custom cast" and his Avatar creator is Usami PrismLight She created his color scheme with the eyes and with his now Iconic suit.

He also makes a lot of Touhou references in his videos and streams with his overall catchphrase being "da-ze" which is a direct reference to Marisa's "Ze" as well as his streams having hidden assets.

Over the course of time He starts to make Streams and stream clips in his Youtube Channel While occasionally uploading videos calling back to his old faceless streamer days in July of 2020.

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Hailing from a dimension known as "The NanoScape" a young boy ventures in the dimension with little to no knowledge of what he should expect. Soon after dying, a yokai by the name of Usami PrismLight take him into her home and resurrects the boy as a Half Yokai. After being resurrected, The now Half Yokai Shota find his purpose as this new being and soon, he comes across the world of Vtubing. With Determination, he decides to become a VTuber as he had found his new purpose.

After becoming a VTuber the Half Yokai known as Altera soon comes back to earth to find out what more exciting things what he can do with his new found abilities at being a Half Yokai but with the exception of him slowly driving him mad with Lunacy. But with the help of Usami he is able to control his Lunacy and continue being a VTuber without hurting anyone he loves.

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