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Twinklepistol is a female witch Vtuber who creates content in English on YouTube and Twitch. She works mostly works on healing spells. She loves animals especially reptiles and also loves to make friends. P.S her favorite color is purple

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A little witch growing up with a family of witch’s. A loving mother and father who is a warlock. I also have some siblings. Gina the oldest, Tabitha the middle and Xeno the youngest brother.

We went out into the fields to practice. My father and mother were watching from afar. We had a fake goblin far away to practice on. Gina heads first and used slow to slow down the enemy. “Good good!” Says my father while clamping his hands. “Pfft, that was nothing!” Tabitha scarfed. “Watch this!” She yells she then casted confusion. “Thats wonderful Tabitha!” My mother shouts.

Now.. It’s my turn.. I have a hard time doing spells because I just can’t get it right. Every time I think about it I freeze. “**” We’re waiting!” Yells my father. My siblings start to snicker and I can hear them “You know she can’t do it. She can’t do anything right. All she can do is make people around her cry because her magic sticks”

Me hearing my siblings speak of me in this sort of matter is not acceptable. This is heart wrenching I’ll show them. I’ll show them all! I raise my wooden want and cast a spell but it was not a healing spell but a summoning spell. I’ve summoned a lil goo gecko. It was a purplish color. I poked it and it started to take a liking to me. Then I turn to everyone and said “See! I can do it!” My siblings are at a shock. Then I see what they’re shocked at... My father.. He was not amused about me summoning at a young age.

My father came towards me and demanded on where I learned that spell. I told him that it just happened. He screamed saying how dangerous it was to summon creatures. At this point I’m crying because I did something good. But my father is just telling me I’m nothing. My mother stepped in and told my father that he’s out of line. “Why are you yelling at her!? She summoned a cute creature and you’re yelling at her for it!?”

My mother then turns to my mother and yells “Do you want the humans to find out!? Do you want them to find out that live here!?” My mother replies “Not all humans are bad dear!” My father looks away from my mother and looks and the goo gecko. “Well, What are we going to do with you” I run and grab the gecko “Father I summoned it I should be able to keep it!” As tears roll down my eyes

My father looked at me and yells “FINE!” On our way back home the siblings wouldn’t leave me and my pet alone. I think it was out of jealousy. But it still hurt. As soon as we got home I ran into my room and slammed the door. I was sobbing non-stop. The little slime gecko went under my bed and stayed there to rest.

I hear a knock on my door. “‘May I come in?” My mother asked softly. My mother then entered the room and close the door behind here and sat at the edge of the bed. “Dear, I know today was a rough one. Please don’t let this bother you. You know your father is trying to protect you.” She says softly

I softly yell “I don’t know why he keeps teaching us these same things. I just want to learn more! I know there’s more out there and I want to learn that!” I start crying at this point. My mother starts petting my back “Dear, you’re a growing up to fast. Your siblings will be going on adventures you just to wait a bit longer.”

“But what if I mess up?” I say as I cry. “What if I keep messing up and I won’t be able to go on adventures!? I’ll just fail and bring everyone down!”. “Stop that right now” my mother says with a stern voice. “You do not think of yourself this way”. “What you did today was amazing and someone your age wouldn’t be able to summon a creature.” You’re a wonder witch and don’t let others tell you otherwise.

I look at my mother and whipped away my tears. I gave my mother a big hug and she hugged me back. “You know, you have the same heart mark under your cheek like me.” She says. “What dose it mean momma?” I asked. My mother replies in a soft voice “It means that you have a great love for the living. And the love to help others. One day you’ll become a great witch” my mother says softly.

I look into my mothers eyes and start crying and then held my mother for a hug. “My dear, why are you crying??” She asks. “I’m going to become the best healing witch! No, I’ll be the best! I promise!” My mother held back and whispered “I know darling. I know.

As the mother and daughter hug the lil goo gecko comes out “Oh gez! I forgot to name you!” The gecko hops on the bed and lays on my leg. “I’m going to name your Gooby!” My mother chuckled.


Hello, I’m Twinklepistol I’m a with who always on a mission to find new things and learn about them! If I find a cute animal I’m taking it home. And Gooby is all for the rides!!!

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