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Tsuki is a little devil vtuber! She loves drawing, singing, and playing games so these are what she often does on stream together with her viewers. She's known to be a little bit cursed, talking about things that most people would prefer not to talk about. Some things include bowel movements and very real questions with regard to these topics. She's a mischievous little devil after all!

Before rebranding, she was known as Majo Mai. She had to travel all the way to hell just to get this name change!

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Tsuki decided one day that she will come to Earth through interdimensional travels. She's bored of the mundane life in hell! When she arrived on Earth, she was shocked to hear that people here see hell as a place full of suffering, and see demons and devils are evil beings. Some of these assumptions may be true... a million years ago. Most devils and demons in hell are as nice as people on Earth can be!

Tsuki is a demon witch by heritage. However, she does not practise magic or witchcraft herself. She is only a witch by heritage, and has never really been interested in studying it! That's also one of the reasons why she's here on Earth now, starting a new life and having fun with everyone here.

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