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Trash is a lewdtuber best known for being a professional A**hole. Though that description is his own & not what his community says. Helping others with both their content & technology issues, he doesn't ask for anything in return. You might even consider him a kind person but he'll never admit to that.

He is also known for never sleeping & overworking himself too much. His solution to this? Caffeine of course! Oddly enough, IRL he has heart problems but has said he had more complications when not consuming caffeine, thus puzzling his doctors. You may have noticed his logo is a broken heart. Makes sense now doesn't it? He has a sense of humor about his health & doesn't let it stop him from living his life how he sees fit!

His PC Pheonix has caught fire twice only for him to use his technomancy to revive it both times. He has a lot of PC issues due to having only secondhand & faulty parts but he does what he can to still make content. These are just challenges for him to overcome!

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Back during the birth of the modern computer, glitches became apparent. Glitches often caused a fixable issue but sometimes the solution was more difficult. This was an opening...

Demons throughout history have always looked for a new grip to have on humanity for their war with those from the angelic realm. Power being heightened by belief has been their struggle since the beginning. But demons have one advantage that those from up above lacked; adaptability. There have been demons of all types, from those of an animalistic form to those of regions & land. But this? This was new.

Technology is still relatively new in the span of time mankind has existed. The demons saw an opportunity with the invention of the computer.

Glitches... Common, bothersome, believable, perfect!

So a decision was made. The higher-ups of the demon realm came together to bring forth a new kind of demon. Glitch demons. So through the darkness came forth this new being, each able to choose their own name. This is where some problems arose. Many of these glitch demons chose names related to the kind of glitch they liked most or technology or even places from the human world. However there was one who thought they were clever, they were not, but they thought they were. Trash...

Trash had chosen that name due to believing that since many humans feared being overwhelmed with waste that it would serve him extra strength. Unfortunately for him, though granted more power, it also gave him the same intelligence as garbage. In his now smol brain state he wanted to add more to his powers & how better to do this than to use one of the most useful parts of a computer? The mouse! But Trash had never seen a mouse before so using his powers to connect to the internet he searched for "mouse" on a popular search engine.

What would normally be confusing for any demon had made perfect sense to him since his brain was fried. So he decided to take on the powers of a mouse as well. Thus, Trash_Mouse__ was created. A strange name for sure but somehow, some way, it worked in his favor. Taking on the aspects of both an animal & a glitch made him the first of his kind. A glitch demon with powers of another type of demon as well. Seeing this, the demon realm was in an uproar. A hybrid had never existed before. The glitch demons would have the power to "glitch" the laws of their world. Order would disappear from their existence & the old demons would fade away as more glitch demons emerged. So the glitch demons were no longer created. Feeling fortunate the first & only glitch demon to discover this also made itself an imbecile, they sent him to live in the human world & instructed him to stay there forevermore.

Knowing no better, Trash_Mouse__ began to integrate himself into human society online using the one thing he knew how to do: being a fool. He found by bringing happiness to humans with his incompetence he was gaining more & more powers. By tuning into his streams & watching his videos the belief in him grew to make him not only the dumbest but also the most powerful glitch demon to ever exist. He was no longer just fueled by the belief that glitches existed but by humans knowing of him specifically.

Though there was something that had not been foreseen by him claiming the powers of a rodent, though many humans feared mice only adding to his strength, many also loved them. Through this, he gained power from the human's appreciation as well.

Odd as it may be, he has chosen to go by Trash instead of any variation of "Mouse", leaving that to very few that he has become close with. To him, it became something he wanted to keep special for those closest to him. Though it is entirely possible he is just more in tune with identifying as rubbish...

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