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TheVelvetOutlet is a bigender Virtual Streamer who creates content on Twitch in English. They typically play a variety of games while making conversation with chat with the aim to bring a good time and make friends. They're pretty chill and laidback but can be quite loud and high-energy at times. They joined the VTuber community in 2020 without a debut.

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With the world in anguish and its people in sorrow, four metaphysical beings graced the Earth: Mind, Body, Life, and Death. The weight of existence and serenity laid upon their shoulders, yet they clashed and opposed one another. Mind's creativity, knowledge, and emotion was challenged by Body's wish for gratification and greed while Life and Death found each other caught in an infinite, ever-lasting chase to bring an end to one another. The only way to salvage the remaining shreds of happiness left in the world was to come together as one. Using their energy and power, they pieced fragments of themselves together with the goal to bring upon a new being- a new life. From these pieces came to be "Self". Mind and Body's quarrel became Self's humility and fulfillment. What was once a battle between Life and Death became a graceful dance, Self's empathy and pursuit of happiness in life with the understanding of time. Now with a mission to restore smiles and laughs, the form of a lovable teddy bear seemed to be an amazing fit, and they adopted the name Soul.


Soul wasn't perfect of course. They were new to the world and had a mission even the divines couldn't handle. Already, they felt as though they carried this responsibility all by themselves, but soon came to realize they weren't alone. Soul became familiar with humans, the inhabitants of Earth. While the world appeared to be crumbling beneath these people's feet, some of it by their own hands, there were those who were also trying to save it. Soul wasn't on a solo mission, they were a reinforcement; to assist those who came before them and to bring people together. It wasn't long before the internet came to their attention and they had the brilliant idea to reach as many hearts as they could by streaming online. Soul now tries to make contact with people around the world by playing games and gaining friends, in hopes that one day, they can fulfill their destiny of making the world a happier place. Well- as happy of a place as a little teddy bear could manage, anyway.

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