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Shade is the friendly mask salesmen, travelling the world to find people who need to mask whatever they need away from the world. Shade never tries to get more info then he needs when it comes to selling the mask, as much as the other would want him. To him, masks are what saved him, and what will save others.

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Shade was born like anyone else, thrust into the world of the living without any warning. His life growing up was as normal as anyone else. Born in the farmlands, he grew up learning the trade of being a merchant from his father. Grappling on to the methods and tricks easily, being able to out haggle the heroes that would try to sell them items at the general store.

But one day, a band of raiders came through the town burning it down and murdering everyone in sight. Shade was gravely injured and left to die when he came across a mask that had not been in his father’s or the store’s inventory. Believing there was nothing else left, and wanting to hide his face, put on the mask, chuckling, while the place he built up with his father burnt down the ground.

Awaking hours later, while the building smoldered around him. Shade sat up, shocked and confused of what happened. Believing it was an act of god he tried to take the mask off, but found that it had fused itself onto his face. Out of nowhere he heard a thunderous voice echoing inside his head.

“You were dying, and I was to be forgotten. Fortune shined on us both and allowed us to bind into a contract of sorts.”

Shade shaking his head “I signed no contract, I just wanted to hide my fear of dying”

The voice of the mask chuckled “Yet you laughed when putting this mask on, you not only accepted your death but welcomed it. You and I aren’t that much different, when I still had my body I accepted my fate when I couldn’t save the one I cared most about. No matter the research I did, nor the challenges I had to physically overcome, nothing was the same”

Shade was taken aback, but nodding, looked to the sky that had turn red from the fire. “So what do I call you then”

“I have had many names over the millennium I have been alive, some have called me an apprentice, an elder, a loser, the personification of evil. But you can call me, Bub”

“Well Bub” as Shade stood up, “I guess our adventure starts here”

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