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Tenkai Keeru (天界 ケール)

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Tenkai Keeru is a male VTuber who streams mainly in English and Japanese. He's able to speak fluent Spanish but doesn't feel the need to improve it. He likes doing educative videos on how to learn Japanese in diferent kinds of ways. He's always trying to learn something new and create new content. One reason behind his fond of pervert jokes is anime in which he jokes mainly when he plays VRChat, also to improve the languages he's learning, meet new people and create entertaining content around it. He prefers watching anime rather than reading manga. His birthday is on May 4. His height is 164 cm (5'5"). His zodiac sign is Taurus, His favorite color is blue and purple, he loves food a lot, because of this he tends to overeat but then does exercises(kung fu) to return to his normal weight; despite his lazy side and low energy he decides to push himself to become better. He's more active and has more energy at night than in the mornings.

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Tenkai Keeru used to live a lonely life in the skies, but realized that it made him sad and lonely. He then descended from the skies to interact with people of the Earth, making new friends and learning their language in the process. He hated the education system when he lived on Earth and decided to forget all that rubbish, that's when he found new methods on how to enjoy whatever came to his interests; by following his divine intuition, he gained a vast knowledge that he now wants to share with everyone.

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