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Taka Tanaka



Taka Tanaka is a content creator that features his works on both Twitch and YouTube. Beyond livestreaming, Taka also creates videos that range from let's plays, gaming news, gaming rants, and short form content such as clips and #shorts. Although Taka speaks English primarily, he has expressed interest in speaking both Japanese and Spanish at a later date.

Zelda and Metroidvania games are his focus, and Ocarina of Time Randomizers have recently become his new addiction. Other varieties of games are still on the table, and Taka even takes game recommendations to heart. If he has the means to play a game, he'll most certainly play it! He also happens to love doing fan service in the form of voice work, and he's started his journey into the world of ASMR on the side...

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A vampire with an addiction to coffee and energy drinks. If he isn't streaming, he's more than likely staring at text on a screen until his eyes finally shut for a short amount of time. He has no recollection of his past, but he hopes that one day he'll figure out the mystery behind who he is.

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