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TaikunZ is a Filipino Virtual YouTuber, Streamer, and self-proclaimed "Virtual Archivist". He streams in both English and Filipino.

Prior to beginning his YouTube channel, he was known for his contributions to various Fandom Wikis as early as 2008. He is also an editor at the Hololive Fan Wiki.

He calls his subscribers and followers as "Driends".

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An unknown librarian from a faraway reality, Tai maintains his grand archive called “The Wiki”. One day he stumbles upon a powerful panda-shaped book, which granted him the ability to hop through dimensions. He used this tome to travel through various realities and experienced many events firsthand; from hunting monsters ten times his size, to being a rookie superhero of a big city, to leading a Guild of a fantasy world. He has stored all of his exploits and journeys on “The Wiki”, writing, archiving, and immortalizing them on various forms of media. Now he has arrived on a universe where Virtual YouTubers and streamers exist, and decided to become one himself. Entering a new world of entertainment awaits.

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