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Gadda is a converted IRL streamer who primarily bakes and decorates cupcakes. He and his beautiful wife raise a flock of chickens, who supply the eggs, and a pair of ducks, who don’t supply anything. His mischievous cat, Brisket, has too many toes and is significantly more popular than Gadda himself. He attempts to stream…
Videos 400Frequency 2.34Subs 449Views 15k
Clover Artist
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Clover Artist is a VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English.
Videos 141Frequency 3.38Watchlists 1Subs 309Views 4.8k
Ace Fortune
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A Canadian VTuber who mostly does Otome games and Tabletop homebrewing.
Videos 152Frequency 5.95Subs 673Views 27.7k
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ZockMiku is a VTuber from Germany who streams in German on Twitch. He mainly streams anime style video games such as Genshin Impact. His Debut was on Valentine's Day 2021, and he wants to share his Love and Passion for Anime-Games. He also loves to play and collect Board and Card Games, and wants to…
Videos 228Frequency 2.97Subs 209Views 3.9k
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Caster is an agender virtual streamer and gameshow host AI who makes content in English. They're a variety streamer who focuses on JRPGs and retro games, with a particular preference for games that take inspiration from tabletop and board games. They also occasionally host audience-participation quizzes and Tabletop RPG sessions.
Videos 503Frequency 1.31Subs 887Views 10.3k
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