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Kitanya is a female Virtual Youtuber who makes content in English. She is a South African catgirl, or Africat, and debuted on 10/24/2020 with a 10 hour stream attempting to beat Minecraft as fast as possible. This was followed by an 8 hour long part 2 on the same day, and a 6 hour part…
Videos 110Frequency 3.15Watchlists 2Subs 8kViews 11k
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Nekoreen is a female Virtual YouTuber who makes content in English. She is a South African cybercat, and focuses on gaming related content. She debuted with an introduction video on 9 August, 2020. Her social media hashtags are #cybernek0 and #cybernek0lewd. She is friends with Rose, Koopa and Ninaninin. She considers herself "exceptionally skilled at…
Videos 46Frequency 5.11Watchlists 1Subs 1.9kViews 25.8k
Catzii Parii
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Catzii is a South African ShibaNeko VTuber who makes content in English. She streams art, indie games, and will soon be adding more content. She is a type one diabetic advocate and tries to educate her viewers on her chronic illness as well as animal husbandry.
Videos 49Frequency 4.51Watchlists 1Subs 1.9kViews 9.3k
Izitto Ch.
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Male VTuber who streams on Youtube in English, but he also speaks Afrikaans. Sucks at games, but just out here to have fun.
Videos 238Frequency 1.52Watchlists 1Subs 516Views 24.5k
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itsmecatzii is a VTuber and Streamer who makes content in English.
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Sulkycats is a female Vtuber originally from South Africa. She makes content in English and streams to Twitch and makes videos for Youtube. So far she is mostly playing Gacha games and does just chatting streams. She also loves games like Stardew Valley and Terraria.
Videos 37Frequency 2.97Subs 713Views 18.7k
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