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Sylvia Stardust

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Sylvia is a variety streamer who enjoys gaming, dice making and generally just hanging out with her community.

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Sylvia was always a curious child. Even from a young age she loved to read anything she could get her hands on.

Faraway lands with un-pronouncable names. Magical creatures that are bigger than her entire village. Beautiful fae that roamed meadows and picked flowers all day.

She loved it all and could not stop reading story after story.

This continued well into her teenage years as she only consumed all of the scrolls and ancient text in her village library almost every single day.

Soon enough, she was there so much, she got offered a job. Sylvia was saving her coin from this job to go to a presigious college. She wanted to be one of the heroes in her stories who saves the world from evil with her amazing magical powers.

After months of saving, she set out to the city, followed her dreams, and enrolled in college.

And that's when the nightmares started.

Complete darkness Total silence Nothing but her own heart pounding in her ears And a voice... An echoing, raspy to voice that sounded familiar and completely foreign at the same time.

Stella... Her name was Stella. That was the only thing that Sylvia could make out. The rest was so quiet she couldn't make out what she was saying.

The nightmares would all start the same, but each time Sylvia entered a deep sleep, Stella would sit by Sylvia's side and tell her stories.

Stories of two little girls who were born at the same time. Stories about how one of the little girls was trapped in the darkness...and she wanted out. And she would do anything to get that

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