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Swoon is a female VTuber who makes content in English. Swoon is a variety streamer, often found playing games, doing various voices, and being creative on stream.

She is a welcoming yet sassy goth who fuels herself with coffee and the occasional hot sake. The taijitu displayed on her brooch and as her subscriber badge on Twitch represents her ideals for keeping all aspects of life balanced. Her vast knowledge of the Eldritch and the Void has given her a particular 'interest' in tentacles. This knowledge also brings with it the caffeine addled ripping and tearing episodes during certain games.

She enjoys the challenge of souls-like games. Will put her own spin/backstory on characters in games. And Swoon takes great care in the characters and stories she creates and writes.

Though she doesn't admit it, Swoon is a soft hearted VTuber who works with her community to overcome differences to make her little corner of the VTubing space a diverse and welcoming one.

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From many years of studying, storytelling, and reading eldritch texts, Swoon's imagination has manifested into a physical form named Phage. As creativity ceases to flow from Swoon and Phage new entities, stories, and characters spawn within the Swooniverse all the time.

Phage was created between 2008-2010 as a sidekick. It would be 2016 when the conception of Phage would receive her finishing touches during a Biology college course and learning more about phagocytes and bacteriophages. Through different stages of depression Phage has been various shades of greys and blues, until Swoon's depression was fully worked through in 2018, reflected by the bubblegum pink color. The bandaid on Phage simultaneously represents the self inflicted mental abuse/destruction of many of her own works of fiction and the containment of a vivid and overflowing imagination. When the bandaid comes off, Phage and Swoon are fully in sync creating like they're running out of time. True to Phage's name, in the Swooniverse her and Swoon work together to end/consume nightmares and rework them through fiction.

Octiel is one of the original tentacled eldritch characters to have been born from the Swooniverse. She is short tempered but very curious, and loves to wrap people up in her tentacles. First washed up on the shores of California the baby C'thulhu devoured the first thing it encountered, using the shape and skeleton of the woman, Octiel formed into a more humanoid being and has been living with humans since, enjoying and loathing various aspects of the race.

Elegant Sea Urchin is one of the most fleshed out stories released by Swoon. "Hear. Bask until the smogs roll in."

Truck-kun was conceived in July with chat. The idea came while Swoon was talking with chat during an art stream. Isekais were the subject and how 'truck-kun' is often the culprit for beginning them; Swoon decided to make a shapeshifting eldritch waifu out of the concept. Truck-kun is mostly deredere, deeply loving the people she sends to other worlds. It's a tragic fate 'killing' those who you simply want to hug.

LichThot is the code name of an eldritch being from a dark cold corner of the Swooniverse. She protects her phylactery with ancient spells and runes to preserve herself as an all powerful Elder Lich. Her story has only just begun on Earth, but she fuels her coffers with the power humans place in 'money' by 'simp' donations rather than her old way-reaping souls straight from living beings with her tendrils.

The Swooniverse itself is a void with the magenta remains of many other verses that have been amalgamated within. It is not malevolent, but not always kind; the Swooniverse consumes all.

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