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Starriilite is a Lazy Space Gremlin VStreamer/VTuber that streams gaming content and art. They are commonly seen playing Genshin Impact and has an unhealthy obsession with punching Frug (Azhdaha).

They enjoy playing co-op games with their homies. Beware of gremlins, they will talk about some otherworldly nonsense.

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Space Gremlin is a Space Gremlin.

A being like many others of its kind that has a near-endless stream of imagination and yet is too lazy to do anything about it. They often enjoy the creations of others but have lingering thoughts of how small their mind is in terms of recollection.

Thus, they sought the aid of the tools built by man to record the events of long days past. Even if they cannot recall the memories they share with the works of others and those the little gremlin held close, at least there is somewhere they can go to recall the memories.

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