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Starriilite is a Lazy Space Gremlin VStreamer/VTuber that streams gaming content and art. They are commonly seen playing Genshin Impact and has an unhealthy obsession with punching Frug (Azhdaha).

They enjoy playing co-op games with their homies. Beware of gremlins, they will talk about some otherworldly nonsense.

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This is a story of a gremlin from the stars above. They came into being, knowing not their people but a faint recollection of their purpose in life. To breath life into the universe and become one with creation.

Gremlin is rather lazy and decides the best place to get some inspiration is from the humans of Earth. They mustered their energy and imbued it into a human of their own image to do the research work for them. Sadly, the human is just as lazy as the gremlin themselves.

The human believes the Star Gremlin is but a figment of their imagination.

The gremlin that is left floating in what they dubbed to be Space Hell (because they thought the name was funny) and the human living out their days acting as a relay of human knowledge for the stars above.

Thus begins the journey of memories and experiences.

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