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Soulless Husk

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He's a Soulless Husk. His goal is to immerse his heart and soul into let's plays and audience interaction. Join him, O' Wandering Soul, and partake in his growing library of content including Souls-likes, strategy games, rpgs, shooters, tabletop games, TV shows and more. Your presence quite literally gives him life. Wind down your school day or work day with his livestreams and rambles.

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Lichdom, the misunderstood art of living forever. As people are exposed to near-death experiences, their soul fragments into pieces that cause sadness and pain. Liches removes these fragments to empower themselves and bring humans a feeling of closure and happiness. A Lich's power comes from empowering their own souls and relinquishing their true names for the sake of new titles.

However, if a Lich loses their original souls, they take on the slur of a title. Soulless Husk.

After breaking his $5 tupperwear phylactery by accident, Soulless Husk has lost his original soul. To stave off starvation and oblivion, he has made a new phylactery in the form of a Youtube/Twitch channel. Now, with the help of his viewers the Wandering Souls, this slave-wage office worker hopes to achieve his dream of becoming a full-time Lich and content creator. He has 2 years to achieve his dream before his humanity eats him alive and he dies forever.

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