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Søren Dragunov

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Søren is a multilingual variety VTuber who streams in English. He's also a content creator whose main field is literature. Though he specializes in worldbuilding and creating new species, he too enjoys writing poetry and giving his beloved characters a haunting past.

Despite his boomer-like abilities when it comes to technology, he can often be found playing underrated indie games... Or pestering ugly villagers in Animal Crossing until they move out. He's especially good at dying from fall damage and seems to be very keen on forgetting to save his progress. That being said, none of the technical difficulties can stop him from having a good time with his precious Moonwanderers. Not even when he forgets to unmute his mic.

He aims to inspire others who are hesitant to share their creations with the world by showing them that it's never too late for art, as his life motto says. He describes himself as a versatile person who can both act goofy and be deadpan serious when needed to. He frequently gives tips on how to be a VTuber and not die trying, posting advice on how to be a content creator from an emotional point of view (how to handle hate comments, criticism, toxic perfectionism, and so on). Those tips can be found on his Twitter account, as well as all-caps tweets from when something goes South during a stream.

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Søren is a welcoming yet mysterious dragon who hosts cozy tea parties in his library, the Serendipitea Pot. As a beastologist, his job is to document information about every magical creature in this dimension and beyond. He values knowledge above everything else and won't hesitate to hunt you if you don't return your books on time. And trust me, he'll find you.

With the help of his loyal guard wolf, Lachlan, he makes sure none of the magical beings who were sent to the human realm cause trouble. He surrounds himself with the most powerful, intelligent, and skilled Devians (creatures who were allowed to keep their powers as a reward for their loyalty) to do so. This bunch of idiots with sharp fangs, as Søren calls them, are often referred to as the Moonseekers.

He's rarely seen outside of his den, as if the shelves that are filled to the brim with ancient wisdom were a vital part of him. Whispers of fearful villagers echo through the town as soon as the dragon leaves his lair, and the doors that were once wide open to welcome visitors rush to shut themselves down.

Your gut tells you there's something wrong about him, but you can't tell what... Also, why are all of the mirrors here broken? Was that a shadow in the corner of your eye? Damn, you must be imagining things, but you could swear you just saw /something/ staring at you... Whatever. This tea is delicious. You could almost say it's addictive...

And suddenly, you realize that you're unsure of when you're going to leave, or if you're going to leave at all...

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