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Soraveil is a female Nogitsune Virtual Streamer who makes content in English. She plays a lot of games but you'll primarily see her playing games like Pokemon, Among us, and Final Fantasy 14. She is normally either hyper and teasing or shy and subdued depending on the day but she loves trying to interact with her viewers as much as she can no matter how she is feeling.

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Sora's soul was possessed by a weakened Nogitsune before she was born. She was born to a rich family with dark red and light pink hair,she also had one red eye and one grey eye. Her parents both had brown hair, her father thinking her mother had been unfaithful threw them both out. Her mother blaming her left her at an orphanage where she was bullied and ostracized because of her hair and eyes. She ran away when she was 8 years old where she survived on her own till she was 10. She was found by a middle aged man with black hair who took pity on her and found her unique traits interesting. He took her in and took care of her for 8 years. He taught her how to take care of herself as well as defend herself.Through the 8 years with him she never could get over the fact that she was abandoned, and because of the years of bullying she didn't trust anyone but the man she started calling her adoptive father despite his protests. Yet she still managed to hide her distrust behind smiles and laughter He never told her who he worked for always saying he'd tell her when she was ready. When she turned 18 he took her to see his boss who to her surprise was the leader of the local mafia Chomei Mouse. He knew that he likely wouldn't be able to come back from the mission he was just assigned which he told Sora would take a few years so he took her in and asked Chomei to take care of her. She didn't want to join but they took care of her anyway. She stayed at her guardians place not trusting anyone and having little contact with Chomei and her people. One day about 3 years after he left Chomei came to tell her that he was gone. Sora didn't take this well and spent the next couple weeks going to the local bar sticking to herself and being hostile to anyone who came near. Then one day she bumped into a stranger, she later learned was named Dahlia, and the small contact they had sparked her Nogitsune powers to rise to the surface. With these powers she sprouted her fox ears, her human ones dissapearing, and 5 fluffy tails matching the colors of her hair.

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