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Bonnie Sootjourner (they/them) is a digital artist, graphic designer, and Twitch VStreamer who streams in English. They spend a lot of time creating digital illustrations, Twitch emotes, and branding assets. They love playing games in the indie genre, facilitating a chill vibe with games under the platformer, story-driven, pixel art, and RPG genres. Occasionally, they compose musical compositions with a chiptune/electronic inspiration. They are a fan of lore and worldbuilding, using interactive methods for viewers to reveal more about their VTuber lore and incorporating their viewers into the lore also.

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Bonnie's Progenitor's psyche fully split in half by the time they reached liminal space... the Superego retained anthropological traits and is now the Human half, while the Id gained sentience and grew a new body as Bonnie! depending on which mind is more in control, their Soma (or physical form) morphs into an amalgamation of Human and Fireborne anatomy. together, they run the Left Eye Means inn, found within the forest plane of liminal space! Bonnie began streaming on Twitch as a way to facilitate a quick virtual process of registering Transients at the inn...since the inn has limited bedrooms.

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