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송미아 / Song Mia

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Song Mia was a Korean VTuber who was part of NIJISANJI KR's fifth wave, known as Mianhada Pinaya (미안하다 피나야). She is 20 years old. Her birthday is on 23 November. She is a Sagittarius. She debuted on 30 April 2021. She shares her illustrator with another NIJISANJI KR member, Wiffy. She ran a radio program with Han Chiho called 당고를 꿀떡 (Danggoreul Ggul Tteok).

On 31 March, she announced her retirement on Twitter, with her final stream being scheduled for 1 May.

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"Hello! I am Mia who came to diligently manage the world today too! I'm always watching Purimia through CCTVs. So always think only of Mia, please♡"

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