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Just a floofy boy wanting to meet new people and have fun

Mama: Noto_hams( Live2D Mama: Bogi(

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Smores is the Fluffkin king from the country of Bwah. He came into this land as just a small doogle boy who had a very strange tail and antenna pom pom that no one could figure out what they were. It soon came to be that Smores was magical and descended from a long line of doogle kings from a land now lost.

Since that day Smores has come into his own and taken up the throne in the kingdom of Bwah as the rightful ruler. Though Smores may be a king he does not like to give orders to anyone. Instead, he likes to have fun and play games. He would rather meet new people than sit on a throne all day.

So one-day Smores decided to go on an adventure. This is his adventure and he hopes you will join him on all the twists and turns that may come his way.

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