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Skye (Aka Majokko Skye) is a female Virtual Streamer who makes content in English. She is an independent streamer on Twitch who focuses mostly on the creation of digital art but will, from time to time, busy herself with fun video games.

Skye has a teasing yet motherly personality (and will often lovingly bully her viewer Moko). She loves to share fun and ridiculous stories from her long-lived life. In the near future, Skye wants to learn more languages so she can connect with more people in this vast, wonderful universe.

Skye's birthday is January 18th, and she is a Capricorn sun, Cancer rising, and Libra moon.

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Skye is a celestial born unicorn who has lived among the stars for most of her life, disconnected from the modern world to maintain the sky and document the universe's history with her magical assistant cat named Nebula. Having grown bored of her quiet life watching the world from a distance she has decided to take more bold approach to her archival work. Having recently landed in the modern world Skye is still trying to get familiar with the strange wonders of modern technology through this wonderful thing called streaming! But can an old unicorn learn new tricks?

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