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Shiemi Gravescale

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Streaming primarily on Twitch, Shiemi is a POC variety game streamer, short story writer, and self proclaimed "professional shitposter." She is very active with her chat - often asking for ideas on what kind of off stream content she could make. Typically, said content is made within hours after stream, and uploaded on Twitter, and YouTube.

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Formerly known as Shiemi Ogami, Shiemi Gravescale is an Angel of Death, Lamia, and Caretaker of Souls in the realm of Purgatory. She describes Purgatory as a very boring, drab place - often comparing it to that of a featureless DMV waiting room, with elevator-esque music playing in the background. Her job is to take care of the souls that arrive into Purgatory, and ensure that they receive their final judgement, so that they can be sorted into Heaven or Hell.

With her "carefully acquired" Scrying stone, Shiemi is able to connect to the Internet of both the Living and Undead Realms. It is with this stone that she is able to interact with viewers, and also entertain the souls awaiting judgement. Due to this, she has put more of an emphasis on her Caretaker duties, and put the Psychopomp duties that come with the title of Angel of Death on the back burner. She instead prefers to make the other Angels do it so she can focus on Caretaking. In reality, she just wants to sit at home, play video games and complain about how bullshit her job is.

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