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This is Sfinksii, and she is female cyber blue style Vtuber. She speaks English and 3 more languages, but English is her main Language. Her favorite game is Genshin impact. She loves blue and Gold colors. And she always likes to meet new people)

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The events took place in 2170th, there were already robots, Teleporters and various things in the world. But there was also a group of people in the world who call themselves the 'Truth Hunters'. This group was created by the government to fight against various robots that have come out of the seed or hacked. And then, by some miracle, the main character became number 1 out of a million in a group of truth hunters. The main character had a very bad headache that day, so much so that no cure would help. Her body can't take it and she collapses. So she slept for 2 hours, but after she woke up, she saw something incredible. It was a world, but without robots, teleporters, and instead of hunters, the usual 'Police' as they were called.Later, the main character saw the newspaper. And it said 'News 2022'. And then she realized that she was in the past. After that, when she realized that there was no turning back. She began to adjust to life in 2022 and this is how the life of the Sfinksii began.

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