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Serjay Svek

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Serjay is a GIF VTuber that focuses on gaming streams. Most of the games that he plays are the ones available on the Nintendo Switch, such as Splatoon, Zelda, Dark Souls, and Sifu.

He occasionally does other content, such as food and product reviews. He is also the host of the DJ Serjay chatting streams, where he talks about his life experiences and anything that interests him.

Highlight videos from his streams are also available on his YouTube channel.

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Serjay is one of the many HueMans living in the Fair Isle of Serjayvia. HueMans are capable of controlling streams of color, which they use to brighten up their surroundings. Serjay is not as creative as most of the other HueMans, so he seeks other ways to honor the legacy of his ancestors that gave the island its name.

After discovering streamers and their popularity, Serjay decides to become a streamer as well. With a newfound goal of taking on the world with his streams, he broadcasts straight from his Color Surfer Station as the self-proclaimed "DJ Serjay".

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